A Note From the Producers

Gutenberg! The Musical! was one of the first shows we saw at Boston University. At first glance it had it all. Charm! Wit! Cleverness! Absurdities! Unexplainable Hilarity! Women! Oops! Just Kidding! No women. Which was terribly unfortunate because it lit us up like nothing else.


Fast forward three years — we’re sitting in a dressing room together, and as it often did, Gutenberg came up in conversation. Suddenly we had a wild idea—“why don’t we just do it?” For a long time we felt discouraged from taking on projects like this. We felt hesitant, even though there was nothing in the script that stipulated the two main characters needed to be men, other than their names being conventionally male. The playwrights even note that the characters can be played by anybody! So why not push those boundaries?


So here we are—producing and starring in Gutenberg! The Musical!


Why this show right now? We were first drawn to it because of the comedic opportunities; the world rarely gives female actors the chance to inhabit a show like this one. After a successful run in Boston, we packed up our hats and made the journey to New York. Since it was our inaugural production, Gutenberg! felt like the perfect way to introduce Amateur Hour to this new city. Moving forward, we can’t wait to grow our team and focus on developing original work & highlighting emerging comedians.


This is the beginning of a much larger journey. We want to do more! We want more opportunities for more women in comedy! People are people and comedy is funny and funny is fun! So please enjoy Gutenberg! The Musical!