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From Bud & Doug to Barb & Deb….

Dramaturgy by Rosalind Bevan

Gutenberg! The Musical!, originally written as a two-man musical spoof, is, for six special nights, a two-woman musical spoof! I bet you didn’t realize that you were witnessing history tonight because this is the first production ever to portray Bud and Doug, two aspiring Broadway playwrights with big dreams and even bigger hearts, as Barb and Deb!

The “reinvention” of the original roles allows the women of Amateur Hour to explore comedic conventions that are usually written for and produced by men; somewhat uncharted, but oh-so-refreshing territory! Comedic roles for women often lack dimension, depth, or are simply there to support a male hero’s journey (both are tropes you may find satirized in tonight’s show).

While diving into the humor in Gutenberg! The Musical!, we found that some jokes, bits, and punchlines landed in intriguing, provocative, and unexpected ways now that Bud is now Barb and Doug is now Deb, raising further curiosity about society’s expectations of women in comedy. We also found that the opportunity to delve into Barb & Deb further established the importance for women to take responsibility for our part in perpetuating certain theatrical and societal tropes and standards. And heck, if two men can bring sixteen-plus characters to life, then so can two women!

But who is this Gutenberg guy, you may be wondering? Johannes Gutenberg is an unquestionably ambitious German dude who invented the printing press some time around 1400. Barb and Deb will fill you in on the details.



A Recipe for a Hit
Broadway Musical
*according to barb and deb

A Charm Song: that Famous Person will sell tickets like CRAZY

It’s always a good idea to foreshadow bad events so the audience isn’t too surprised

Every Broadway Musical must tackle an incredibly serious issue... Like a man with half a face

A female character who really wants the charming male character... But they CANNOT be together

A turntable is a MUST

A Diabolical Villain... They must be hideous or wear a lot of makeup