Gutenberg! The Musical!


June 2018 | The People's Improv Theater, NY


August 2017 | Club Cafe, Boston, MA

See what people had to say about  our production of Gutenberg! 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Warm, sly, and a little bit wicked. Thank you!

Michael Hammond

Boston, MA

Always a pleasure to leave a theater feeling better than when you walked in. Such a phenomenal show that everyone in Boston should make an effort to see. Much love to this powerful team!

Camden Garcia

Boston, MA

I loved the show and want to see it again already. I laughed all night.

Brenda Occhipinti

Middletown, NJ

Honestly if you want to literally enjoy life more you should like Amateur Hour and support their work.

Maddie Sosnowski

Boston, MA

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